Facilities and Technology

Parallel Computing Clusters

Stokes: HPCC

Network Attached Storage

For its data storage needs, the CHAMPS Lab utilizes a Network Attached Storage (NAS) system. The system consists of an HP Proliant server running Windows Storage Server 2003. The server is paired with an HP Smart Array containing 10 1-GB drives in a Raid 6 configuration, allowing for 7.6-TB of storage space with sufficient redundancy to absorb 2 simultaneous drive failures. This server, codename ANTARCTICA, houses our geospatial data (GIS shapefiles, aerial imagery, digital elevation models, etc) and allows CHAMPS Lab students and faculty to access the data from their individual workstations without burdening their local hard drives. ANTARCTICA also stores our library of ADCIRC finite element meshes, along with the source data used to construct them and relevant results (ASCII output files and images/animations). The CHAMPS Lab would like to acknowledge Computer Systems Support, Inc. of Miami, Florida for their assistance in the design, installation and maintenance of our data storage system. In particular, HP Accredited Systems Engineer Daniel Alonso was instrumental in getting our system up and running. NOTE: this system is only accessible to current CHAMPS Lab members and its designated partners.

Personal Computers and Workstations

The main room of this computational laboratory houses eight PCs, two high resolution printers (color & black/white), a networked projector, and a conference table. Here graduate students and faculty are well equipped to work in concert. Faculty and graduate students work on high-performance HP workstations which include HP Z400 Workstations (Intel Xeon (Quad-Core) W3520 CPU @2.67 GHz-NVIDIA Quadro FX 4800 Graphics Card (1.5 GB Dedicated Memory & 192 CUDA Cores)-16.0 GB RAM-Mirrored 1 T hard-drives-Dual HP ZR24w 24 inch monitors connected via HDMI).