Paige Hovenga, Seoyoung Kim, and Yin Tang

Presenting at the 30th Annual Water Resources Seminar, East Central Florida EWRI Chapter, March 27, 2014

Left to Right: Paige Hovenga (MS student), Davina Passeri (PhD student), Aaron Thomas (undergraduate), Karim Alizad (PhD student), and Milad Hooshyar (PhD student)

At the 2014 Young Coastal Scientists and Engineers Conference in Delaware. Congratulations to Davina Passeri for winning the "Best Oral Presentation"!

Left to Right: Matt Bilskie and Dr. Ross Hinkle

Matt recieving an award at the Graduate Research Forum Awards Breakfast, April 2, 2013

Left to Right: Stephen Medeiros, Warren Hankinson (University of South Carolina), Megan Leslie, Matt Bilskie, Aaron Thomas, David Kidwell (NOAA), James T. Morris (University of South Carolina), Karim Alizad, James Edwards Jr. (University of South Carolina), and Stephanie Garvis

Team Shock and Awe. Removal of marsh organs in Grand Bay, MS, September 14, 2013.

Lee Mullon (Geosyntec Consultants), Zach Marimon (UCF Stormwater Management Academy), Davina Passeri, Karim Alizad

Presenting at the 29th Annual Water Resources Seminar, East Central Florida EWRI Chapter, April 19, 2013

Farewell luncheon for CHAMPS Lab research scientist Ammarin Daranpob

March 28, 2012

Scott Hagen presents an invited talk at the FWEA Integrated Water Resources Conference

January 27, 2012

Scott Hagen, Nabil Muhaisen, & Chuck Drake

FWEA Integrated Water Resources Conference, January 27, 2012

Matt Bilskie, Karim Alizad, Stephen Medeiros, Ammarin Daranpob, Daina Smar, Davina Passeri

CHAMPS Lab received a guided boat tour of the St. Johns River courtesy of the St. Johns River Water Management District in December 2011.

Ammarin Daranpob, Davina Passeri, Daina Smar

December 2011, after the AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco, CA.

Chris Bender (Taylor Engineering), Joannes Westerink (Notre Dame), Scott Hagen, Davina Passeri

Prof. Westerink's Distinguished Lecture at UCF on March 4, 2011 .

Dingbao Wang, Scott Hagen, George Yeh

Dinner for Dr. George Yeh .

Stephen Medeiros, Alfredo Ruiz, Dingbao Wang, Scott Hagen

At a restaurant to celebrate Mr. Alfredo Ruiz's successful Masters defense.

Tony Waldrop, Matt Bilskie, Scott Hagen

UCF Provost Dr. Tony Waldrop's visit to the CHAMPS Lab on November 23, 2010 .

Scott C. Hagen delivers a Keynote Lecture at the 9th International Conference on Hydro-Science and Engineering in Chennai, India on August 4, 2010

June 25, 2010 CHAMPS Lab Party

Back row (left to right): Peter Bacopoulos, MJ Soileau, Matt Bilskie, Lakshmi Reddi, Stephen Medeiros, Scott C. Hagen, John Weishampel & James Angelo.

Front row (left to right): Hitoshi Tamura, Alfredo Ruiz, Daina Smar, Lillie Thomas, Denise DeLorme & Amanda Tritinger.

June 25, 2010 CHAMPS Lab Party

Left to right: Lakshmi Reddi, Scott C. Hagen, John Weishampel & MJ Soileau

Scott Hagen, Tony Dalrymple (Johns Hopkins U.) & Bob Dean (U. of Florida)

After Prof. Dalrymple's Distinguished Lecture at UCF on April 2, 2010.

Naeko Takahashi, Alfredo Ruiz, Stephen Medeiros, Qing Wang, Hitoshi Tamura, Scott Hagen

At a pizza restaurant to celebrate Ms. Qing Wang's successful Masters defense.

Qing Wang, Naeko Takahashi

Feburary 2008 in Washington D.C. after a project meeting at NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration).

Derek Giardino, Stephen Medeiros, Qing Wang, Peter Bacopoulos

January 2008 site visit where CHAMPS Lab students received a guided boat tour of the Indian River and Mosquito Lagoons courtesy of the
St. Johns River Water Management District. Shown in the photograph above, CHAMPS Lab students enter the Indian River Lagoon via Haulover Canal
(with Haulover Canal Bridge/State Road 3 visible in the background).

Derek Giardino, Naeko Takahashi, Qing Wang, Scott Hagen, D. Michael Parrish

At a pizza restaurant to celebrate Dr. D. Michael Parrish's graduation.

Clockwise from lower left: Kenny Bacopoulos, Peter Bacopoulos, Scott Hagen, Denise DeLorme,
Yuji Funakoshi, Mrs. Funakoshi, Mr. Funakoshi, Naeko Takahashi

At a Brazilian restaurant to celebrate Dr. Yuji Funakoshi's graduation.

Front row (l-r): Peter Bacopoulos, Naeko Takahashi, Scott Hagen
Back row (l-r): D. Michael Parrish, Mike Salisbury, Yuji Funakoshi

At a Japanese restaurant to celebrate Mr. Salisbury's successful Masters defense.

Peter Bacopoulos, Scott Hagen, Mike Salisbury, Yuji Funakoshi, Satoshi Kojima

At Dr. Hagen's home to celebrate Mr. Kojima's successful Masters defense.

Front row (l-r): Takahiko Kurahashi, Peter Bacopoulos
Back row (l-r): Satoshi Kojima, Mike Salisbury, Yuji Funakoshi

February 2005 seminar held at the School of Computational Science and Information Technology, Florida State University where CHAMPS Lab students presented individual research to members of Professor Kawahara's Army and faculty of other universities.

Front row (l-r): Yuji Funakoshi, Satoshi Kojima, Peter Bacopoulos
Back row (l-r): John Howlett, Mike Salisbury, Alan Zundel

December 2004 workshop where CHAMPS Lab students received specialized training on advanced topics in surface water modeling with SMS (Surfacewater Modeling System) through students and faculty of the Environmental Modeling Research Laboratory at Brigham Young University.

Front row (l-r): Peter Bacopoulos, Satoshi Kojima, Yuji Funakoshi
Back row (l-r): Jamie Dyer, Daniel Dietsche, Scott Hagen, Mike Salisbury, Wylie Quillian

January 2004 research meeting of Southeast River Forecast Center (Dyer & Quillian) at the University of Central Florida with CHAMPS Lab students and faculty.