Theses and Dissertations

The following theses and dissertations result from research performed in association with this laboratory.

Daina Smar, graduated Fall 2012

An Assessment of Ecological Processes in the Apalachicola Estuarine System, Florida

Stephen Medeiros, Ph.D., graduated Spring 2012

Incorporating Remotely Sensed Data Into Coastal Hydrodynamic Models: Parameterization of Surface Roughness and Spatio-Temporal Validation of Inundated Area

Matt Bilskie, graduated Spring 2012

Influence of Topographic Elevation Error on Modeled Storm Surge

Hitoshi Tamura, graduated Spring 2012

State (Hydrodynamics) Identification in the Lower St. Johns River Using the Ensemble Kalman Filter

Lillie Thomas, graduated Spring 2011

Mass Conservation Analysis for the Lower St. Johns River Using Continuous and Discontinuous Galerkin Finite Element Methods

Alfredo Ruiz, Jr. graduated Spring 2011

Web-Based Tidal Toolbox of Astronomic Tidal Data for the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway, Estuaries and Continental Shelf of the South Atlantic Bight

Peter Bacopoulos, Ph.D., graduated Fall 2009

Estuarine Influence on Tidally Driven Circulation in the South Atlantic Bight

Derek Giardino, graduated Spring 2009

Analysis of the Physical Forcing Mechanisms Influencing Salinity Transport for the Lower St. Johns River

Naeko Takahashi, graduated Fall 2008

A High-Resolution Storm Surge Model for the Pascagoula Region, Mississippi

David Coggin, graduated Fall 2008

LiDAR in Coastal Storm Surge Modeling: Modeling Linear Raised Features

Qing Wang, graduated Summer 2008

Finite Element Modeling of Tides and Currents of the Pascagoula River

D. Michael Parrish, Ph.D., graduated Summer 2007

Target Element Sizes for Finite Element Tidal Models from a Domain-Wide, Localized Truncation Error Analysis Incorporating Bottom Stress and Coriolis Force

Yuji Funakoshi, Ph.D., graduated Fall 2006

Coupling of Hydrodynamic and Wave Models for Storm Tide Simulations: A Case Study for Hurricane Floyd (1999)

Peter Bacopoulos, graduated Spring 2006

Analysis, Modeling, and Simulation of the Tides in the Loxahatchee River Estuary (Southeastern Florida)

Michael B. Salisbury, graduated Fall 2005

The Effect of Tidal Inlets on Open Coast Storm Surge Hydrographs: A Case Study of Hurricane Ivan (2004)

Satoshi Kojima, graduated Summer 2005

Optimization of an Unstructured Finite Element Mesh for Tide and Storm Surge Modeling Applications in the Western North Atlantic Ocean

Daniel Dietsche, graduated Summer 2004

Storm Tide Simulations for Hurricane Hugo (1989): on the Significance of Including Inland Flooding Areas

Ryan R. Murray, graduated Summer 2003

A Sensitivity Analysis for a Tidally-Influenced Riverine System

D. Michael Parrish, graduated Fall 2001

Development of a Tidal Constituent Database for the St. Johns River Water Management District