Computational Ecohydraulics for the Kennedy Space Center Ecological Program

PI: Scott C. Hagen
Co-PI: Dingbao Wang

Project Summary:

Support development of a project plan for integrating computational ecohydraulics into the KSC Ecological Program. The plan will be holistic in that it integrates both media and processes across spatial and temporal scales in one, two, or three dimensions as needed. It is envisioned that the plan will be adaptable to allow for periodic updates as knowledge is developed about the various components. Factors will include but not be limited to:

An immediate objective is to develop an an ADCIRC-2DDI hydrodynamic model for the KSC region for the intent purpose of studying the Coastal Dynamics of Sea Level Rise.

The long term goals of this activity are 1) development of regional and local data, information, and knowledge (models) needed to manage and adapt to impending climate change forecast for the region while incorporating planned and future growth. 2) Identification of data and information needs that can be incorporated into future iterations of the KSC Ecological Program activities as KSC transitions to a post Space Shuttle environment.

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