ADCIRC Mesh & Model Development for FEMA Map Modernization in Franklin, Wakulla & Jefferson Counties

The ADvanced CIRCulation (ADCIRC) 2-D hydrodynamic model will be used to simulate storm surge inundation. This effort will involve the use of LIDAR-based topography and new aerial digital ortho-photos made available by the NWFWMD. The storm surge modeling will be performed for the Gulf Region and will be refined within the 185+/- miles of shoreline along the Gulf Coast in Florida for Franklin County, Jefferson County, and Wakulla County for increased modeling resolutions within bays, inlets, streams, and estuaries, as well as the relevant overland regions. The primary effort will be to produce an ADCIRC model that is efficient and accurate enough to be utilized for making production runs in FEMA coastal study for flood hazard delineation of the 10 through 500 year return period storms.

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