Simulation of Tidal Currents in the Lower St. Johns River and on the Adjacent Continental Shelf

This work primarily involves application of the WNAT model domain to the Lower St. Johns River and Lake George for the purpose of providing tidal velocities and residual flows. A finite element mesh must be established to include, as the area of interest, (a) the South Atlantic Bight, to the 60-meter isobath, from Cape Lookout to West Palm Beach, (b) the Lower St. Johns River and Lake George, and (c) the ICW from Pablo Creek entrance to St. Augustine Inlet. Spatial resolution will be determined through grid convergence tests.

The tidal model will be calibrated to historical harmonic data as extracted from water level records obtained from various tidal stations. Simulated M2 tidal constituents should be within 10% of amplitude and 20 degrees of phase, both in relation to the historical harmonic data. Qualitative comparisons will be made between simulated and observed tidal flows.

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