Simulation of Tidal Hydrodyamics on the Continental Shelf and within the Multiple Inlet/Barrier Island Coastline of Northeast Florida

UCF will cooperate with the SJRWMD to achieve two main goals that will greatly enhance previous efforts. Numerous priorities identified by the SJRWMD will be directly addressed, including the verification of tidal interconnectivity of the multiple inlet/barrier island coastline of Northeast Florida and the quantification of tidal exchange occurring between the estuaries and adjacent tidal marshes of Florida’s northeast Atlantic coastline.

Goal 1) Integrate the 480-kilometer stretch of Florida’s northeast Atlantic coastline maintained by the SJRWMD into the pre-existing version of the WNAT model domain in order to generate preliminary globally computed velocity residuals.

Goal 2) Incorporate areas of tidal marsh into the computational mesh in order to evaluate estuary/tidal marsh circulation effects, estimate estuary/tidal marsh volume exchange, and generate final globally computed velocity residuals.


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