MORPHOS-3D (Modeling of Relevant Physics of Sedimentation in Three Dimensions): Water Levels for Hurricanes Charlie, Frances, Ivan, and Jeanne

High Resolution Water Level Field Specification: University of Central Florida (Hagen): Attention and considerable effort will be expended to enhance an existing finite element model mesh(es) to create adequate resolution and topographic definition in key project areas (i.e., land-falling regions of Hurricanes Charlie, Frances, Ivan, and Jeanne) for local-scale application. The comprehensive mesh development work is needed to facilitate comparison with measured water surface elevation data and high water marks, and to facilitate use of the water level data in storm damage analyses. Higher storm water levels increase the amount of wave energy that can be present locally, and to capture the influence of storm-induced water levels on wave conditions, an iteration of the ADCIRC/WAM models will be prepared to incorporate hurricane water levels into the wave hindcast. The water level conditions produced in this task will reflect conditions outside the surf zone at each of the project sites.

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